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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The price of music... The value of music

As I sat in a coffee shop today wasting time and money waiting for my house to be inspected I started thinking and in my current self important phase thought it might be worthy of sharing... or at least interesting to think about. One of the main reasons people give for downloading illegally is that they can't afford to buy music, independent or otherwise but consider this... At today's prices [according to my local supermarket, coffee shop, iTunes and elsewhere]

A 600ml Coke = 1.71 songs
A medium cappuccino = 2.5 songs
20 litres of unleaded = 18 songs
A month of foxtel = 2.35 albums

I'm sure there's more... it's all about choice too... So what's my point? Not sure but before your mate convinces you he's too poor to pay for music it's something to think about

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ingrid said...

I think what you're trying to say is that no one has any valid excuse to be a pirate... and also that many odd thoughts go through your mind on any given day.