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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Lowdown

OK. Here it is. The money stuff...

No yearly registration fees.

99c per track / per store - unlike some services I count iTunes as one store, not all the individual countries as a store.

90% pay thru on all royalties. I'll keep 10% for the work I do on your behalf and so you know that I won't stop trying to sell your music once I've got your rego fees :)

You will also need an ISRC for each song and a bar code for each product you wish to sell online. The first I can do (they're free, you should never pay anyone for them), the second I will soon be able to do, but not yet (they're not free, sadly... check out for more info).

Questions or abuse? I'm ready :)

Wanna sign up? I'm waiting :)

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